Collection: Coffee Discovery Sampler Packs

Welcome to the ultimate coffee journey with Hypergoat's Sampler Collection. Whether you're new to our world of specialty coffee or looking to indulge in a full flavor exploration, we've got just the thing.

Two-Pack Sampler: Perfect for a quick dive or a thoughtful gift, this set includes two eight-ounce bags of whole bean coffee. Choose from a curated selection: the vibrant Colombia and Costa Rica blend, the bold Mexico and Epic Goat Espresso mix, or the smooth Decaf Mexico and Decaf Colombia option. It’s a compact taste of what we do best at Hypergoat.

Four-Pack Sampler: Ready to go all in? Our Four-Pack Sampler is a coffee lover’s dream. With eight ounces each of Ethiopia Guji, Colombia Cauca, Peru Cajamarca, and the Epic Espresso Blend, this collection is a world tour in a box. Experience a range of flavors from jasmine and apricot to chocolate and blueberry jam.

Both samplers showcase our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the craft of coffee roasting. So whether you're gifting or indulging, the Hypergoat Sampler Collection is here to make every sip a memorable one.