1. When will my order ship?
Since we roast to order, we ship freshly roasted coffee every Tuesday and Friday, nationwide. To ensure your order is shipped out on these days, please place your order by 12pm EST on Monday for Tuesday shipping and by 12pm EST on Thursday for Friday shipping. Should a major U.S. holiday fall on a business day, your coffee will be shipped out on the next available shipping day.
2. Does our roastery process any highly allergic foods?
No, since we only process coffee beans.
3. How do we typically roast?
We appreciate the unique flavors of each coffee’s origin. Our roasting style leans towards the lighter side, inspired by the Nordic approach, where quality beans are delicately roasted to preserve their inherent character. We pursue vibrant and diverse flavors. You'll often detect notes of berries, citrus, fruits, and sometimes even floral or herbal hints. This approach enhances the exciting characteristics of each coffee origin, offering a distinctive flavor profile. Our roasting style stands out due to its commitment to highlighting the coffee's unique features. The result is a truly enjoyable cup that provides a glimpse into the diverse world of coffee origins.
4. Do we have an espresso roast?
Not yet. But we’re working on it! Stay tuned!
5. Where can you find our coffee?
For now, exclusively online. You can buy it here on our website, and we’re adding additional channels (i.e., Instagram, Facebook and Google marketplaces).
6. Does Hypergoat ship internationally?
No, but we’re studying this option.