About Us

We’re a team of two — a husband and wife duo — a computer scientist and a business administrator. After many years living together, growing our family and our shared passion for coffee, it became inevitable that we should start our own coffee business.

The Beginning

In 2023, we founded Hypergoat Coffee Roasters in Alexandria, Virginia, inspired by our love for coffee and the dream of working in the industry. The name "Hypergoat" is a playful nod to the Ethiopian legend of Kaldi, a goatherd who discovered coffee when he noticed his goats became energized — or "hyper" — after eating the cherries from a certain tree. Like the legendary goats, we too found ourselves energized and inspired by the diverse universe of coffee.

Our Passion

It all started on the West Coast - SoCal, discovering new coffee shops and their cool vibes, talking to roasters and baristas, experimenting with new origin flavors and trying to replicate all that at home.

in 2015, we were already roasting in our garage, and from there the rabbit hole only got deeper and deeper.

We got involved in online discussion forums, went on coffee tours, took barista trainings, visited farms, participated (and won!) in home roasters competitions, learned how to cup, and the discussions about us building our own coffee business kept becoming more serious every day.

Our passion lies in sourcing excellent coffees and highlighting their unique taste notes through meticulous and non-traditional roasting profiles. Inspired by Nordic-style roasters, we now want to share our knowledge and inspire a deeper appreciation for the diversity of coffee among our customers.

Our Ethos

At Hypergoat, we're not just about great coffee; we're about great coffee done right. That means ensuring that every bag of coffee we sell has sustainability and ethical labor standards behind it. We believe in transparency and want our customers to know everything about the coffee they're buying, from the farm it was grown on to the people who harvested it.

Our Craft

Quality control is at the heart of what we do. From sample roasting to finding the optimal roasting profile for each coffee, every decision is made to bring out the best in our beans. And because we believe that our customers are the best judges of our coffee, we want to get their feedback and use it to continually improve our offerings.

Our Vision

Our journey is just beginning, but we are excited about what the future holds. We hope to become a reference name in the specialty coffee market and a brand that consumers associate with excellence, ethical labor practices, and respect for the environment. We also dream of one day serving our coffee to customers in our very own space.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. As Hypergoat Coffee Roasters, we are grateful to share our passion for coffee with you.