Hypergoat Pro Tips - Elevate your grinding

Hypergoat Pro Tips - Elevate your grinding

It's a simple hack: 

  1. What you'll need: A small spray bottle filled with clean water.
  2. What you'll do: Gently mist the coffee beans with one or two sprays of water.
  3. Grind as usual.

This swift action can redefine your grinding process. Seriously.

And then, Science

The process above is commonly known as the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT). More than a barista's trick for reducing grinder static, it's a step towards perfecting the coffee grind. A recent study, published in Dec 2023 in the scientific journal Matter, "Moisture-controlled triboelectrification during coffee grinding," offers new insights into this well-established practice.

Originally embraced for minimizing static, RDT now emerges as a technique that significantly improves espresso quality. The research led by Joshua Méndez Harper illuminates how moisture manipulation during grinding can refine the taste of your coffee.

The study focuses on triboelectrification - the generation of static through friction. It reveals that moisture in coffee beans is a key factor in controlling this static charge, which in turn affects the grind's consistency and flavor profile.

The investigation looked at different roast levels and grind sizes, finding that darker, finer roasts are more likely to develop static. Using RDT to add water reduces this effect, leading to a smoother flow and potentially a more nuanced flavor.

The paper suggests that the addition of water during grinding addresses not only the problems of static accumulation, but also particle clumping, and above all, inconsistent extractions in coffee preparation.

Practical Implications: Bridging Tradition and Innovation

This groundbreaking study not only reaffirms the value of RDT in reducing static but also positions it as a key player in enhancing the overall espresso experience. By mastering the interplay of charge-to-mass ratio and particle size distribution through moisture management, baristas and home enthusiasts can achieve unprecedented consistency in their brews.


Can I use drops of water instead of misting for RDT?

While misting is preferred for its even distribution, carefully adding a few drops of water can also be effective. The key is to lightly moisten the beans without making them wet.

How much water is too much when using the RDT?

Using too much water can lead to overly damp beans, causing issues in the grinder and negatively affecting the flavor. Generally, one or two sprays or a few drops are sufficient. The beans should appear slightly glossy, not wet.

Can RDT be used with pre-ground coffee?

RDT is most effective with whole beans just before grinding. It's not recommended for pre-ground coffee, as the moisture can cause clumping and uneven extraction.

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